A Few Fun Tidbits

Today marks the one year anniversary of our family casting off our docklines at MSI in Redwood City and beginning this extended adventure that we’re living! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already! It has been a year filled with new places, new people, new experiences, new food, new joys, and new challenges. We are thankful for God’s provision and peace through it all and continue to look to Him for direction for days to come.

I wanted to share some fun pics we’ve taken over the past few weeks. First off, Toby mentioned in the last post a family that we’ve met down here, the Ebios. Quick summary: they are here on their ship Amazing Grace with YWAM. When we first pulled into our slip here at Marina Mazatlan, Amazing Grace was a couple of slips over from us. We quickly met the dad, Zeus, who invited us to the weekly worship time YWAM does Monday mornings. Later we met the rest of the family, mom (Charlotte), daughter (Chatelier, 21) and son (Noah, 14). We’ve spent some great times with them over the past few months including a trip to the Aquarium.

We have laughed often about the many parallels our families seem to have. Here’s some of “coincidences” we’ve found so far: Zeus and Charlotte met (as John and I did) as students at UCD (go Aggies!), Charlotte had the same major as I did (Human Development), both of us couples bought our boats in the same year (2000) and lived aboard/homeschooled our kids in the Bay Area, Charlotte’s parents live about 30 minutes away from where John’s mom lives (all of them were evacuated due to the recent round of CA wildfires, but were thankfully spared and are back home), and my sister-in-law’s mom has known the Ebio family for years and is a current supporter of them in their mission (she’d even told us about them years ago!). There’s probably more, but that gives you a taste of the fun connections we’ve made with them. Their boat is currently in dry dock getting refitted to serve as a medical mission boat either in the Sea of Cortez or assist with rebuilding efforts from the recent hurricane devastation in the Caribbean.

Both families and friend Greg. Love the Davis-style bicycle!

So that’s a bit on some new friends. Now a couple of new experiences. Mexico recently celebrated Dia De Muertos. Starting on Halloween and going through November 2, several days are taken to remember family and friends who have died. You see many skeleton decorations, including people face-painted as skeletons. Even at the movie theater ticket counter:

And another new experience, upon leaving the movie theater that day, we saw this driving by:

Yes, that’s a leopard peeking out of that car window!!

A couple of other fun sights we’ve seen:

Well, enough for today. Gotta get ourselves ready for YWAM round 4 on Saturday! We’ll take you out, too, just let us know when you get here. 🙂



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  1. Fun! Fun!! Fun!!! Toby, do you remember the comment you made about why I seem to enjoy ‘the same music’ more when I’m with you guys? Well, I think it’s much the same about the delight in life and fun surrounding the four of you then breeding even more fun. And then more. You’re all contagious and I LOVE it. Wish I could see all y’all sometime soon. 🙂

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