We’re still here!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been over a month since our last post! It has been a busy month, so let me take a moment to catch you all up on us Gilberts.

First of all, we took the second YWAM group out for a day sail, enjoying another great day with fun people, this time Spanish-speakers. With the help of a translator, our minimal Spanish and their minimal English we managed beautifully!

Another highlight of early August was a fun dinner with some good friends we’ve met while here, Al and Gillian (fellow believers, have a boat across the dock from ours but live in an apartment in town). At the time Al & Gillian were also housing a couple from Venezuela, Aris & Luis, who gave us a cooking lesson making the traditional Venezuelan staple of arrepas – a corn flour based thick tortilla-like patty. You can fry them in oil or dry, then slice them open like a pita to fill with delicious meat and vegetable fillings. We had a delightful evening with all, eating and laughing until late in the night.

l to r: Kristin attempting the selfie, Gillian, Karis, Luis (hamming it up), Aris, John & Toby. Sorry we missed Al.

The biggest highlight of the month of August was our visit from Grandma Nini (John’s mom) for a week and a half!! We rented a home in the Centro District of Mazatlan so we could all enjoy some A/C and a little more elbow room. 🙂

The Villa was right on Plaza Zaragosa and at the time there was a market/exhibition highlighting a couple of the states of Mexico. We were treated to their music and dancing right out our windows one afternoon!

We had rented a car for the visit and one afternoon we took a drive towards Durango. Mazatlan is on the coast, obviously, while Durango is a ways up in the mountains to the east. As we assended into the mountains the temperature dropped quickly and we found ourselves in thick clouds and fog. It was a dramatic change from all we’d seen and experienced in Mazatlan!

Impressive mountain views on the road to Durango.

Grandma Nini’s visit was filled with fabulous food – both in and out. (Sigh, In n Out, wish we could have some!!) Anyway, if you ever make it to Mazatlan, you must eat at Hector’s – have the Argentinian steak dinner, or the Arm Drip sandwich, or the crusted salmon, or the raviolis. All delicious!!  🙂

After delivering Grandma Nini to the airport for her flight back home, we turned our attention to our water tanks. We’d never given them a thorough cleaning and it was well overdue. The slightly tinted water coming from the tap after sailing with the 2nd YWAM group gave us the heads up on that! We cut open access ports in the top of each tank, scrubbed off the growing algae, filled them up again with water and a good amount of bleach, let it all sit for a bit, then flushed it all out with fresh water. After receiving some fittings from Grandma & Grandpa (for some reason Amazon wouldn’t ship them to us here, but thanks to DHL and G & G we got them in 4 days!) we were back in business!

The port side water tank, clean and closed up.

I’ll wrap up now and leave you with a few more pics from the past few weeks. We’re still sweating away, but really glad to be here in Mazatlan for these months. We hear the real hurricane-threat month for this area is October, so we’re not out of the woods yet as far as storms go. And witnessing Irma these past few days is sobering. We continue to seek God’s leading and direction for us now and over the coming months.

6 thoughts on “We’re still here!”

  1. All ways great to hear from you!
    I’m sure you’ve heard about CPC’s 50th Anniversary. It was a blessed weekend of remembering and looking forward!
    Susie Wilkens mentioned Dixie’s name when she was interviewed. Take care!

  2. Great pictures and update. I talked to “Grandma Nini” when she came back.
    Am praying for no hurricanes this fall!!! For you and others in the area.
    Love you guys!


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