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By way of introduction to this post, Toby and Karis have an on-going assignment to be taking pictures, specifically of a person, a place, and a thing, hopefully every day. Then, once a week, they are to write about one picture from each of the categories. The following is Toby’s writing on a place.

Photographic Journal 8






For this week’s place I actually picked three different pictures of the same place: Dock 2. Dock 2 is the dock that our boat is on, at least right now. It’s right between dock 3 and the boat yard. Nope, we don’t know why there’s no dock 1 either. Being on dock 2 has its upsides and downsides. The most noticeable thing about it (at least I think so) is that it is the furthest dock from the office/lounge/bathroom facilities. This means that a walk to the restroom will usually take at least five minutes one way. It can be annoying and frustrating, but it might actually be a good thing, because it forces us to do more walking than we normally would. Blessings in disguise, I guess. Another good distance related characteristic of our dock is that it is also the furthest away from the restaurants/bars that are on the waterfront by the marina. Most of the places don’t even really get going in the evening until after eight or nine, and when they do start things up they, almost always have loud annoying music pumping. So, I guess out of all the docks at this marina, I probably would pick dock 2 anyway, unless, of course, we could stay on dock 1.

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  1. It’s SO much fun, Toby, hearing your voice coming through your writing style. I love it! Keep snapping those pictures and writing the little mini essays – we want to see and hear more. (At least, both of us named Dixie certainly do – ha! Color me a little embarrassed by my reaction last time.) Love to all!

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