Settling back into Mazatlan!

We’re back! Back in Mexico that is. We had a wonderful 5 weeks in California and were so thankful to see as many of you as we did! To those of you we missed, so sorry! You’ll just have to come down here now to get your hugs! 🙂

Here are some highlights of our time in CA:

We spent the first week up at Grandma Nini’s (John’s mom’s) and kept busy with a few projects around her place including John reorganizing her workbench and the kids moving a large pile of firewood into her woodshed.

Week two was spent in Davis with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents), and we tackled a few more projects including clearing/cleaning out the side yard and Toby getting his driver’s permit/practicing driving so he could get his driver’s license. (He successfully passed his driver’s test a couple weeks later!!) We also had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend there with my brother and his family, too!

The next few weeks were spent in the Bay Area (huge thank you to the Robersons for housing us!!) making whatever connections we could. We had many delicious meals and delightful hours spent with many of you – it was such a blessing to reconnect with you all! As I sit here now writing this, I’m missing you all now and want to zip right back up so I can pop over for a walk or coffee or something!

We began the drive back to our boat on the 15th of June. Our last meal in CA before leaving the country was the same as the first one we had when we entered the country. 🙂

Love our In-N-Out!!

Driving up through Mexico we had only driven on the toll roads – they are better roads but also set us back around $50 in all. We decided on the drive back down to take a different route for part of the way, mostly for a change of scenery. The new route took us down to the very northern tip of the Sea of Cortez and along its coastline for a bit.

Sea of Cortez

It was nice to see things other than the dry, desert-y land we’d seen much of already. However, the non-toll roads, at times, left MUCH to be desired! This picture doesn’t do justice to the prevalence of pot-holes along some stretches!!

And this wasn’t the worst of it!

On day 3 we arrived back at home and began the settling back in process. We had rented the car partly so that we could bring back with us many boat-related items we knew would be easier to get in CA. We ended up with more things than we’d first anticipated; the car was packed to the gills – John sitting on the trunk to get it closed!! Needless to say, the unpacking/putting away of things took some time. But it was with thankful hearts and bodies that we fell into our own beds that night for the first time in 5+ weeks.

Sunset welcoming us home

Since we’ve been back we’ve been acclimating to the heat and humidity. People keep looking at us like we’re crazy to be here for the summer – the hottest, wettest months of the year. I just keep hosing myself down periodically to stay cool. 🙂

In the past week we’ve connected a bit more with YWAM and the local church we attended before our trip home. And we’re meeting some of our dock neighbors and local business owners. We continue to pray and ask for God’s guidance in where and how to be spending the time we have here. On another fun note, walking down the path here at the marina last week we looked up to see Bob, a friend we’d met through another friend back in Alameda. He and his wife Simone had made it here on their boat about the same time we did! They are back home in CA for the summer, leaving the boat here (on the next dock across from ours!!), but Bob was down for a few days to get a part off the boat that needed repairs. It was great fun sharing a lunch and dinner with him before he flew home!

I’ll leave you with a few various pics from our CA trip.


3 thoughts on “Settling back into Mazatlan!”

  1. These are wonderful pictures, and as usual, wonderful memories.
    Thanks for continuing to share your very special lives with us.

  2. I agree with Ro – What fun pictures, and even better memories! Thanks again for making the very long trek. All of us, I know, appreciate the effort you made to get here, and the love and joy you spread around just hangin’ out – not to mention all the great not-so-little jobs done here and there. Now about those YWAM neighbors…

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