Almost May in Mazatlan!!

Yep, here we are in Mazatlan!! After much thought, prayer, conversation, and debate, we have finally landed on the plan to have our boat here in Mazatlan for the duration of the hurricane season – June through October. We will be in a marina and on the boat for most of that time, hopefully connecting with the community beyond the marina, maybe taking some Spanish classes, and looking for ways to be Salt and Light. Let us know if you have any Mazatlan knowledge we can benefit from! We are also hoping to make a trip home soon and hope to see many of you – get ready for some hugs!

We left La Paz Tuesday morning for the roughly 250 nm trip over to the mainland. We were able to sail almost half of the time, arriving here late Thursday afternoon. The passage was pretty uneventful (aside from my brief mal de mer episode – note to self: don’t decide to clean the hot, stuffy, smelly bathroom while under way). The two overnights were star-filled (and I saw a handful of shooting ones my first night); a new moon meant that there was little of it to see. John was visited on his first night’s watch by a group of dolphin that could be seen in the water by the streak of lit up bioluminescence they left in their wake. We never cease to marvel at the beauty of it! We enjoyed our time having the sails up and even had jib, staysail, main and mizzen all up at one point!

Karis reading up on our upcoming destination

We have yet to see much of Mazatlan, but look forward to exploring and becoming familiar with our new temporary home. The marina we are at right now (and probably will stay at, although there is another marina nearby we could move to) is located in the El Cid resort so we are able to enjoy all of its amenities including pools, air conditioned bathrooms and showers, water shuttle to nearby beach, and even “room service” to our boat if we wanted! The most appreciated perk, though, is that the water at the docks is potable so we don’t have to lug 5 gallon bottles down to fill our water tanks while we’re here. This has not been the case at most of the other marinas we’ve visited.

“Our” pool, swimming caves and all!

We’ve noticed the change in climate here. It is a bit more humid, which translates into more greenery which we are enjoying! We’re not quite in the lush tropical zone of Mexico, but compared to the desert-y climate of much of Baja California, Mazatlan is far less dusty, dry and brown. We hear we’ll be recipients of almost daily afternoon thundershowers in the summer – that’ll be new for us! We’ve seen iguanas all around, and several new birds – Karis says we’ve added mangrove swallows, white ibis, a tri-colored heron, brown boobies, and possibly a kind of cara cara to our bird list.

Enough for now. Our love to you all and hope we get to see many of you in the near future! We’ll post our travel plans when we know them.

7 thoughts on “Almost May in Mazatlan!!”

  1. Prayers answered on your safe arrival. Praise God. It sounds like heaven there to me, except for the heat. I would love the afternoon showers.
    I actually have been there on vacation, and had beautiful shrimp at El shrimp Bucket and a great margarita at Senor Frogs. Very touristy places of course, but fun.

    Love you all and will pray that God will put many of His people that need salt and light in your path.

  2. Thanks for the update on your travels. It was so good to see your journey progress as the dots were filled in on the map. It sounds like you have found a great place to be for the next several months. Praying for God’s leading in each step of the journey. We love you all!

  3. Kristin, How exciting! We’ve not been to Mazatlan and are so excited for you to be where you can have such amenities.
    Looking forward to seeing you when you visit.
    Enjoy your time!

  4. The Poleselli’s stayed there a couple years ago on a coupon. It is a great place and friendly people. Watch out, they might sell you a timeshare. Ha. Enjoy your time!

  5. I felt delightfully relieved to read of your decision to stay put through the hurricane season, dear family! I think God has called a big fat RECESS to refresh and rest you from your spiritual, physical and mental work in preparing for this adventure, your emotional experiences leaving friends and family behind, and your daily exercise of faith to keep you in the moment and connected to God. I’m exhausted just writing that!

    Can’t wait to hear your posts from this chapter of your lives. Whatever the next 6 months contain will then be “explained” when you are sailing again and start making connections between this time and what it prepared you for in life after Mazatlan.

    AND the thrill of knowing you’all all BE here is incredible!!

    All love and prayers,


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