Cristo Vive!!

Happy Easter to you all! We celebrated Jesus’s resurrection this morning by attending a local church here in La Paz, a bilingual church with a great mix of locals and gringos. šŸ™‚ It was fun listening to the sermon in English, then trying to understand it again as it was translated into Spanish. And it was a joy to celebrate with fellow believers, sharing in the joy of the day regardless of our nationality ā€“ we were all citizens of His kingdom.

I wanted to share a few additional highlights from our week on the islands of Espirto Santos and Partida. First of all, we caught our second fish! This time it was a pacific bonito, a bit smaller than our first catch, but big enough to feed us nicely our first night out. John grilled it up for us with a couple of sliced zucchini, and we ate well!!

Secondly, the mabula rays. These are a smaller version of the huge manta rays that we’ve heard are in parts nearby. The first two anchorages we were in had tons of the mabulas. We could see them swimming around in the water, sometimes on their own, sometimes in large groups. The most fun, though, was when they would jump out of the water and smack back down, sometimes sounding as loud as a gunshot echoing off the walls surrounding us. And sometimes they would jump 3 or 4 times in a row: up, smack, up, smack, up, smack. We tried to get some pictures, but they were too quick for our camera skills.

Thirdly, the continued ups and downs of anchoring. So far our anchor has served us well and held in some pretty decent wind and swells, but with certain conditions we continue to worry about the possibility of it dragging. The third night out we were in a smallish cove with steep rocky walls on 2 sides, a nice sandy beach in between them and the open water out the other direction. We’d been warned about a particular wind (coromuel) that can come up in this area and make many of these anchorages problematic – mostly because it comes from the SW. These anchorages are open to the water in that direction, and because of that, both the wind and the swells it kicks up can make for a worrisome and rocky night. That’s what we had that night. Once again, though, come morning (after a night of John waking up periodically to check our position) we found that our anchor had held.

I find this such a parallel to our walk of faith with God ā€“ He is our anchor, holding us firmly and securely in His grasp, yet I find myself repeatedly questioning, doubting, worrying about where we’re headed, how we’ll get there, what to do when we get there. When will I rest in Him completely, fully trusting, fully surrendered to His perfect will for us? I am there sometimes and continue to pray that each day will find me there more and more.

A few more highlights: the snorkeling Toby mentioned ā€“ I continue to be amazed at the beauty and diversity of creatures in the water: we saw many balloon fish, triggers, sergeant majors, angel fish, rays, turtles (from our boat), whales (from a distance), coral, a crown of thorns feeding on the coral, several kinds of eels, and much more that I’ve not identified by name. New birds that we’ve seen: a cactus wren, some kind of woodpecker variety that lives in the cactus (ask Karis, she knows), and mostly, I was thrilled to spy a blue footed booby ā€“ yes they DO have blue feet!! We enjoyed a great hike on the north end of Partida, marveling at the Mars-like landscape and amazing views. The full moon rising over the Sea of Cortez our second to last night out was amazing, as was it’s setting and the sunrise the next morning. One last fun note, at our last anchorage, we were in about 15 ft of water, an easy swim for Toby to go down and check on the anchor. The last morning, just to see if he could, Toby swam down to our anchor, pulled it up by hand, and walked it across the sandy bottom 10 or so yards. It took several breaths, but he successfully moved it!

Our first night back in La Paz we made it into town for dinner out. The whole week between Palm Sunday and Easter is a huge celebration down here ā€“ Semana Santo (Holy Week) – and the Malecon (long boardwalk along the waterfront) was crowded with families out enjoying the warm evening air, the beautiful water, and each other. We enjoyed the same with them and hope you, too, are able to enjoy many blessings from our faithful Anchor.

We are in the midst of praying for His faithful leading of us for the next many months. We continue to appreciate your prayers as well, and we’ll let you know what we know when we know. šŸ™‚

PS, sorry for my wordiness and the lack of pictures in this post, check Toby’s last post to see pics from the anchorages and hike and all. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Cristo Vive!!”

  1. So glad you had a good time of worship in celebrating our Savior’s Resurrection. Enjoyed hearing more about your island visit. Will be continuing to pray for God’s leading in future plans. Our love to each of you.šŸ’•

  2. Hi All,
    All I can think of is how wonderful an adventure you are having and what it will mean for you all over the years to come. I pray for the Lord’s guidance and mercy and more blessings on your wonderful trek.

  3. Hello Friends!
    Still loving each and every post and love hearing your voices in them!
    Praying for God’s direction for you! Thanking Him for His faithful guiding hand upon you!
    Love you and miss you so much!!
    Us Condes

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