Isla de Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo

Hello, Toby here for this next post. We got to La Paz Sunday April 2nd. After staying there for a few days, we left on the following Thursday for some islands just a short ways away – maybe two hours. We had heard lots of good things about the islands of Espiritu Santo and Partida, and we were excited to be able to go spend some sort of “vacation” time there. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of islands, I usually picture crystal blue water, endless white sand beaches, good waves, and lush palm trees. These islands did have some of these things, but certainly not all of them (I just didn’t want you to have the wrong picture in your mind). Even so, it was a really nice place. It did in fact have crystal clear blue water in some of the anchorages, and it also had some nice beaches. The only things missing were the waves and palm trees – actually any trees. What it lacked in foliage, it made up for in snorkeling potential. At all of the anchorages we stopped at, there was at least “acceptable” snorkeling, but at some of the spots that went up to “very good” snorkeling.

Another thing that we had been looking forward to was the warmer water. For the most part, we got what we wanted. If I had to guess the water temperature (I know, we still don’t have a thermometer), I would say that it was somewhere in the low seventies. It was more than warm enough to jump in without a wetsuit and swim around for maybe an hour. Once that hour was up though, it started to feel a little too chilly. Anytime we knew we were going to be spending a more extended length of time in the water, we just threw on our wetsuits for extra comfort.

So, after about a week at Espiritu Santo, we came back to La Paz on Thursday the 13th. Now we are planning on staying here for about a week, using this time to prayerfully decide what our next step should be. There are lots of different directions we can go from here (literally and figuratively), so your prayers would be much appreciated. We all enjoyed our time on the islands and are now looking forward to deciding what to do next!

6 thoughts on “Isla de Espiritu Santo”

  1. Thank you Toby. Bruce is wondering if you are going to Mulege or Bay of Conception. He said they were beautiful when he was there many years ago. We were missing your communication, so thank you.

  2. Toby and all, nice update and lots of great pictures. Nice that you get some vacation time :-). We love you all and will be praying for God’s leading in the next direction you all go.

  3. Hi Toby,

    I hope you got the note with Bruce’s suggestion for a destination.

    We too will be praying for God’s guidance in all you do.
    It looks beautiful.

    Happy Easter

    1. So my spoken text (Ms. Siri) translated “luxury” to “luck sharee” and “courage” to “current”. I am not drunk. Just saying that it is a blessing to have the luxury and courage to wait for God’s direction. 😜

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