If you know me (John), you know I’m a pretty even-tempered fellow – not unemotional, just a “take-it-as-it-comes” kind of guy.  Exceptions? in house family squabbling; being labeled dumb (or actually being such); knowing what the church could be rather than what it usually is (another day another post…).  So despite the stress, fatigue, uncertainty and risk, it’s been altogether surprising to me how topsy-turvy my emotional journey has been thus far.


Case in point, we four were all looking forward  to our next leg to Bahia los Frailes (toward La Paz).  Leaving the yummy food, nice showers, and new friends of the Cabo Marina would be hard, but we would have one of our shortest trips in sunnier weather and warmer water with fuel and water and food all topped off.  At least that was our expectation.  What we got was 20kt winds in our face in steep, wet chop.  We motored for 10 hours at about 2kts (think walking speed) before finally dropping anchor in 35ft of water around 10pm.


In the lee of Punta los Frailes we had half a dozen anchor lights bobbing around – indistinguishable from the stars right down to the horizon.  The breeze blew warm and the smell of our very wet, salty wood trim hung in the air.  Quarter-sized spots drifted below, glowing turquois in the dark, while schools of flying fish constantly snap your attention someplace new.  It was some night.


And there you have it in a nutshell:  one hour (or 10!) I’m praying, quite literally, for calm and safety, thinking through plans B, C, and D;  the next hour I’m almost giddy with how far we’ve come and what we are privileged enough to see.  It’s not quite despair and delight but that’s not too far off.  I’m always wanting and trying to level out everyone’s hills and valleys, but I’m not sure this particular journey suits that.  Frankly both extremes have been pushing me closer and closer to the God Who demands complete reverence and at the same time offers incomparable joy.  That’s a pretty good deal.  So I guess we’ll just keep riding whatever waves He brings us for now.  But don’t you stop praying!  And if He’s got you stretched a little thin, too, we’d love to pray for you as well. . .

4 thoughts on “Waves”

  1. Thankful for your safe landfall at La Paz. Nice to have warmer water and enjoy a slip with all the amenities. Will be praying for some quiet water activities and good rest and relaxation. Love to all!

  2. Wow, sounds like quite an adventure! Praying for peace and joy as needed, safe arrivals, and more amazing surprise gifts! Bless you all!

  3. Oh my! John being emotionally topsy turvy is hard to picture but John seeing God’s hand and joy in the midst of choppy waters I believe. Praise God you’ve made it through that challenge! Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey. Praying for your safety.

  4. It’s great to follow your family and hear from each one of you! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to hear about the next adventure God takes you on as you continue sailing!

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