A few more Turtle Bay notes

We’re hoping to be on our way further south sometime later today (Wednesday), but had a chance to do one more quick post.

First I want to say, with our intermittent internet access we can’t always respond to all of your comments – but know that we love to get them and hear from you whenever you get a chance!  And we appreciate your prayers most of all!  🙂

Monday Toby and John took a hike in the morning up to the highest hill in the area. They enjoyed a great view over Turtle Bay and out over onto the Ocean, too.

We’ve made a few more trips into town for provisions and some extra water. Lugging 5 gallon jugs through the dusty streets gets a little old, so we’ve decided that our almost full water tank is full enough.

A few more pics of the kids on the boat. Karis is leaning over the port-a-bote to scrub the hull of our boat. We’re all looking forward to getting to warmer waters where we’ll all just jump in the water to do that – we’re not quite there yet.

One more fun highlight. A few days ago a very large power boat motored into the bay and dropped anchor nearby. Come sunset that day, we heard some music coming from them. We went outside to hear better and saw a fellow on the bow playing bagpipes! That evening we were delighted to be serenaded with “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes. Truly an experience we never anticipated but thoroughly enjoyed!!

Our love to you all and hopefully we’ll be able to update with fun journey and sailing news soon!

3 thoughts on “A few more Turtle Bay notes”

  1. No need to reply, honey. Just want to tell you what pure pleasure it is to be taking this vicarious journey with you all through the vivid diaries of each of you. THANK you so much❗❤

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