Turtle Bay Stay

So, we’ve been here a week now, what have we been up to?

Well, the first few days saw John’s arms up to his shoulders in our fuel tank, cleaning out the years’ worth of crud from the bottom. Well, first we had to siphon out the remaining 7 gallons or so that were in the very bottom. Toby documented the whole process and John didn’t swallow too much diesel. 🙂

When fuel sits in a tank for years and years, amazingly, things can grow in it. And since we have never cleaned our tank in the 17 years we’ve owned the boat, we decided it was high time – it’s been on our to-do list from the beginning, but we’ve always had too much fuel in the tank….until now. So now our tank is clean and filled up with fresh diesel. Don’t ask how much we paid for the fill-up, a fuel boat comes out to service visiting cruisers and takes advantage of the convenience if provides the cruisers. We could have rowed ashore, walked many blocks to the Pemex (gas) station, lugged our two 5 gallon jugs back to the dingy and rowed back. It would have taken 8 rounds of that process to get the amount of fuel we bought, we decided paying the extra to save our backs was an acceptable cost.

Once we had the engine up and running again (it’s funny how annoying it’s sound was when we wanted to be sailing, but how good it sounded when it fired back up again) we ventured ashore to explore a bit, met some fellow cruisers, found a small grocery store, and bought a few things. The kids have also had some fun flying kites from the boat.

And on Friday it was wash day – doing laundry in a bucket and hanging it all over the boat to dry. 🙂 I feel a little like Laura Ingalls Wilder and being Little House on the Water. We also enjoyed some out-door showers with water warmed in our solar shower! Love being clean and having clean clothes!

Will update more soon, maybe from a new port in a few days, we’ll see….

6 thoughts on “Turtle Bay Stay”

  1. Wow – There seems to be a theme there: from cleaning fish to cleaning fuel tanks, from scrubbing clothes to scrubbing bodies. You’ve even shaken the dust out of your kites. Leaving all that dirt and gunk behind should make you sail a little lighter – when you have some wind, that is! Hugs and kisses being blown your way. Talk to you soon.

  2. Love following you and your journey. Are Scott and Shea receiving these? Know you are prayed for and loved.
    I must confess I’m jealous over some of your adventures – whales, dolphin and the bio-luminescence creatures. What special experiences.
    I must confess there are some experiences you’re facing that – no thank you! Love you all and blessings, pat

  3. The purr of the engine is a good thing. Great to hear about each task tackled and done. Has Toby done any snorkeling? Has Karis added any new birds to her log? We will be praying for your next leg to have perfect sailing wind. 🌫️ Love you all

  4. We are delighted to hear you are doing well getting your spring cleaning done and learning how to keep Salt and Light’s engine purring. We love hearing about all you do, your fishing and enjoying your fresh fish meals. It must taste far better than any fish in our markets. Thank God for all he does to keep you safe and well equipped.
    Thank all of you for writing.

    Our table has grown into a very close group. Marie is such a good shepherd. Thank you for asking. This last lesson is about the attribute of jealousy. Heavy, but good. Are you following the study?

    May the breezes blow just enough to get you safely where you need to go and when.

    Thanks again and God bless you all for following through on this adventure and sharing it with us.
    The Ryners

  5. UC Davis Made it to the BIG DANCE and won in the first round game. Thought you would like to know. In our hearts always.

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