Hola from Ensenada!

We made it!! We departed our slip in San Diego Sunday afternoon around 4, waved off by our dock neighbors (thanks Cindy & Tony & friends!) motored out of the bay,

hoisted sails just off Point Loma, … and the wind completely died.

Sunset off Point Loma

We’d been looking forward to making the overnight to Ensenada by sail, even if it was slow, but with no wind, we were rolling in the swells, making the sails flop around noisily. So, sadly, we took them down and made yet another passage motoring. We entered Bahia Todos Santos just as the dawn sky was lightening in the east and were in a marina in Ensenada by 7:30. The overnight passage had been uneventful, an almost full moon to light our way and several pods of dolphin accompanying us for stretches – it was amazing seeing their dorsal fins cut the water in the moonlight!

At the dock in Ensenada!

Once here, we proceeded to the marina office where we paid the highest price for a night’s slip than we had so far! Didn’t see that coming! At least the marina also helped guide us through the immigration paperwork maze- driving us to the government offices, communicating with each official, making sure everything was filled out properly. We were back at the marina by noon, officially checked into the country. Whew!

Marina offices

In the afternoon we attended to our windlass – it was continuing to slip occasionally – which is not what you want when you’re hauling up many feet of heavy chain and a 50 lb anchor! Being out on the bow of our boat we had several people on our dock stop by to greet us. Most of the boaters at this marina are cruisers passing through or those who were planning on passing through but have now made it home. The first couple we met were from Sausalito – it was fun connecting with someone “from home” and we were even treated to fish tacos on their boat last night. We also came to find our that they share our faith in and love for Jesus – they’d noticed our boat name and guessed the same about us. It was a great joy to connect with fellow believers, share a meal and some genuine fellowship!

Our plan had been to stay a night, maybe two, then continue on southward, but upon checking weather we saw there was a good system coming in Friday – high winds and swells. If we wanted to make it to good shelter for that, it meant departing today, a bit tired, and pushing a bit more than we were comfortable doing. SO, we’ve now paid for this slip for a month (cheaper than paying the daily rate over 5 or 6 nights!). Don’t worry, we will NOT be staying here a month! (Although God often has a way with surprising us with His plans and timing, which are often not ours. 🙂 Our current plan is to stay through this storm system and then safely press on early next week. In the meantime, we’re now thinking about how to fill our next few days.

Before getting too far gone from our San Diego days, I wanted to send a shout-out to the many folk we were able to see and enjoy time with while there. First off, we had a fabulous day with the Chabras (family friends who happened to be down in San Diego the second week in Jan.) Games, food, and good conversation were had by all.

4 happy game-playing kids

Later in the month we had visits from both Grandma Nini (Dixie, John’s mom) and Grandma and Grandpa (Art & Karen, my parents). Again, good food, games, movies, and conversation were enjoyed. 🙂 We also met up with Olga (a former high school student from John’s youth pastor days, now all grown up) a couple of times for dinner – SO fun seeing you, Olga!! And over the month we met two fun families – first, the Bootsmas; the dad, Shawn, is a Navy chaplain; he and his wife, Cat, saw our boat while wandering the docks, noticed the name, conversation followed and we had a great time talking boats, faith and more. They have 5 kids, soon to be 6!, homeschool, live on a boat, and hope to follow in our wake in about 10 years – we’ll see you out there!! The other family, the Sheas, are friends of friends and usually live in Fiji but were back in San Diego (their old stomping grounds) for a month. We had a delicious lunch with them and, again, shared lively conversations of faith and family histories. We can’t wait to sail our way to Fiji and enjoy some of your homemade coconut shrimp!! And, as mentioned earlier, we got to know a little bit our dock neighbors, Cindy and Tony. Wish we’d made more of an effort to have you over and get to know you better!! And thanks again for the impromptu send off!!  🙂

Enough for now! We’ll let you know how we fill our days in Ensenada and what’s up next when we know. And thanks, as always, for your prayers!

7 thoughts on “Hola from Ensenada!”

  1. Como esta usted? So good to hear about your transit from San Diego to Ensenada. Hope that the weather clears so you can head south soon. Thanks for the great pictures. Hugs around for all 👐. 🙌 🙏💕 Happy Valentine’s day

  2. Love reading your updates, hearing about the people and the adventures along the way. Praying for your safety and divine appointments.

  3. I love how there is always something to fix or improve when God slows down your timetable. You guys are good listeners to the Spirit and I’m sure that will deepen throughout this phenomenal journey!
    Not sure if I’m having a senior moment or what but I don’t know the name of your boat. Can you mention it in one of your updates since it is being used so mightily already?
    Praying in love,

  4. So glad it is going so well. Early Happy Birthday to you and John because we will be out of the country until March 12th. Contact you when we get back. Love to all, Dad/Papa and Danielle

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