Sunny (and rainy) in San Diego

So we’ve settled in (temporarily!) to a slip in San Diego. We’re in a marina on Harbor Island and both enjoying a bit of a breather before forging ahead as well as getting some chores/boat tasks done. There’s much on the list including: changing fuel filters (they were black from fuel gunk!), installing our wind vane (some of you read about this at our open boat gathering), squaring away paperwork to enter Mexico (we all need fishing licenses, an import permit for our boat, Mexican insurance for our boat, etc.), and many other smaller improvements/fixes to the boat.

Our plan is to tackle these tasks while also getting the boat out on San Diego Bay to get some sailing practice in. We’ve been enjoying the warmer temps down here – consistently in the 60’s with occasional 70’s – it’s easy to want warmer and warmer, but we’re thankful that we’re at least not in the 40’s and 50’s that so many of you have – or colder! Ironically, San Diego seems to be having the wettest winter in a number of years – we must have brought the rain with us! But it’s all good, and we’re keeping an attitude of gratitude through it all.  🙂

A couple updates: the IPhone hasn’t worked so far – it’s en route to cousin Josh to see if he can get it up and running.  🙂  Toby hit the waves off of Mission Beach yesterday after church, successfully trying out his new short board; he’s always hoping for more!

Enjoy a few pics that didn’t make it into the last post!

Moving to our slip in San Diego

3 thoughts on “Sunny (and rainy) in San Diego”

  1. Way to go, Gilberts! Glad to hear you can settle in for a little while as you prepare for your next journey south.

    We miss you all and hope 2017 is off to a great start!

    The Maasses

  2. It’s so fun to take this vicarious journey with the Gilberts! And I’m not even seasick.

    Just wanted to let you know I’m leaving staff on January 27th. I reopened my counseling practice in December at Christian Counseling Center and will continue to do that part time while enjoying a much needed gentler pace going forward. Like you guys, I’m wholly dependent on the Lord each step of the way and excited to see what He does next.

    Praying for your imminent departure to points south of the border.

    OFF we GO into the great mystery of God.

    Love, Linda

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