From Newport Beach to Dana Point

Hello all, this is Toby speaking. Our most recent trip was from Newport Beach to Dana Point. While Newport Beach was a very cool place to be at, it was also sort of isolated, and it was a very long row to get anywhere from our moorings. For those reasons, I think all of us were ready to head out for our next stop. After leaving around mid morning, we started following the coast down towards our destination.

Going into it, we all knew that this was going to be a very short leg, being only about ten or eleven nautical miles. Our boat goes about five knots, or five nautical miles in an hour. So, we expected it to take two-ish hours. With relatively few hiccups on the way, we made pretty good time. We made it to Dana Point at around twelve thirty. Once we got here, we still had to drop anchor and make sure that it was holding before we could relax. This sounds easy, and it probably will be for us eventually, but for now we are new enough to it that we have to be very careful. Once we dropped the anchor, we were able to sit back and enjoy some lunch. After lunch, Mom, Karis and I were able to row to shore and do some exploring. After staying here in Dana Point for two nights, we will probably move on to Oceanside. Thanks for reading my post. I look forward to the next one!

Sincerely, Toby

5 thoughts on “From Newport Beach to Dana Point”

  1. Thanks for the update, Toby! Love reading all of your posts. Ask your mom to check a text I sent to her this morning. Thanks!

  2. Toby, I love seeing this through your eyes! You write beautifully and say a lot with not a lot of words. That’s hard to accomplish!
    I may not comment every time, but I will be devouring every word. The vicarious trip is pure pleasure and just my speed. Love, Linda

  3. Appreciated your update Toby. Also enjoyed the pictures. Understand from our weather report you may be having rain. Praying for a safe and restful night.
    Love, G&G

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