Sounds of Silence

Sunday, December 18

Let’s just get the lowlights out of the way right off the bat…  Time to leave.  Most every time we move on it will necessarily be harder than staying put.  Aside from the uncertainties, you must make adjustments; you’re tired from stress, exposure, sleep deprivation, engine noise, or any combination of these.  Despite our best efforts (okay, maybe just our plain old regular efforts) irritability crept up on some/all of us – I’m not telling who.   So we were a little short this morning when we left the immaculate San Pedro facilities around 8:30am this morning.  While the 7am get-up stretched some of us; the frost warnings got all of our attention.  But there you have it – a grump factor of maybe 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 was the toughest part of our day.  All in all, not so bad.

Two hours into our journey, WE (and I am shouting at you) SAILED!  It wasn’t exactly America’s Cup, but we flew what for us is a full compliment of sails (that is four: jib, staysail, main, and mizzen.  We could do other sails and other configurations with five probably being the most, but I digress…).  That wasn’t even the best part.  Unless you’ve spent days with an engine roaring in your living room, it’s hard to fully appreciate its absence.  The quiet is so appealing you can almost taste it.  Worries and chill melted away.  The sun warmed our short, winter day.  Occasional pods of dolphins leaped past as the Catalina ferries crossed our path.

Unfortunately, the reason for lots of sails is little wind.  Having raised sails the wind promptly and completely died without us ever having exceeded 5mph.  We concluded a lovely deli lunch as our diesel engine roared back to life.  Even with all my complaints, it reliably gets us where we want to go.  In this case, it pushed us toward the upscale Newport Beach Harbor where just two sunny hours later we found ourselves tied up to a mooring ball 100 feet off of some pretty spectacular waterfront homes.  (There goes the neighborhood!)   Little did we know that Newport Beach has the nation’s 2nd best Christmas light display – and we were smack in the center of it, fireworks and all (admittedly better news for some of us than others)   That said, we’re tied up securely, meats on the grill, the cabin is warm, and if I have anything to do with it we’ll have a movie on soon.  Not a bad ending to an already pretty great day.

You  give  and  take  away.   Still  my  heart  will  choose  to  say,   “Lord,  blessed be  Your  name.”

4 thoughts on “Sounds of Silence”

  1. Oh my, sails up – finally! What a terrific picture of you, Kris. You look so happy that it made me grin with you. It took me a while to discover that there were more pictures available than indicated either in the posts or the photo archive. What a nice looking hailing port sign, John. And there must be some really good lesson to learn about pushing on when you’d rather stay put.

    Love to one and all!

  2. Thank you, Kristin and the whole Gilbert family, for sharing the beauty the Lord is revealing to you! I am praying with you and rejoice in the thought of “silent” sailing as pods of dolphins remind us to rejoice and frolic at all times! Merry Christmas to you as we all celebrate the Light of the world who came in the flesh as a babe and will come again!

  3. Daniel and his family were at the boat parade. If it’s the same one, they were probably very close to you. It would’ve been fun if you could’ve seen each other

  4. Christmas “at sea” ( I didn’t say “open” sea!) sounds like an adventure already. I totally get the grumpy part because your new routine is constant change. Not natural to these earthly bodies.
    Loved the silence. Didn’t love no wind. Loved the Christmas display. Loved meat cooking, warmth and movie to come. I would stink at this adventure except for those things. You guys are doing it head on. Doesn’t matter what the mood, DOING it is the thing!

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