San Pedro tasks and a few flashbacks

So here we are in San Pedro. We’ve been here for almost a week now, and probably will be a couple of days more. We decided to spend a bit longer here because we had a number of things we wanted to take care of which were hard to do when we were on the move daily or every other day. So what have we done?

Well, first of all, John changed the oil on our engine – we want to keep it very happy as it’s been slaving away for us lately! Secondly, we had installed a manual bilge pump but had yet to plumb it all the way out of our boat (think pumping out water that’s collecting in our bilge, we push/pull on a handle on the pump and the water gets pumped out of our boat. We also have 2 automatic pumps that run off of our batteries, but if they are ever compromised we can now pump manually). So that’s now all done. John’s electrician’s license was due for renewal – requiring 32 hours of continuing ed.; that’s now done, too. I wanted to get some Christmas cards out in the mail; they went out yesterday. (If you don’t get one, consider this your card – Merry Christmas!!) πŸ™‚ The kids needed to catch up on some school work; they’re taking the test for chapter 2 of Physics today as well as tackling some Spanish. John and I were due for our second shot for the Hep B immunization; after slogging through the hoops of Kaiser Northern CA vs. Kaiser Southern CA we both got poked yesterday. Our engine room blower was dying (a blower fan that blows the hot air from the engine room out of the boat); a new one is now installed. Β It feels so great getting these tasks crossed off of our “to do” list!

And tonight we’re having a couple we met the first day here over for dinner – they’ve raised their 18 year old homeschooled son on their boat which is just down the dock from ours. It’s so fun meeting new people and connecting in such fun ways!

What are our plans now? We’re not completely sure, but possibly a few days at Catalina Island, a few days for Christmas a bit south from here, and then on to San Diego for the final preparations to venture into a new county!

A few flash-backs before we move on, though. Here’s a few pictures of Toby enjoying the surf in Monterey – he’s hoping to do that some more when he can!

And our furry friends, the otters, that were abundant around Monterey.

And our first morning in Marina del Rey we almost thought the past 4 weeks had been a dream and we were back at MSI in Redwood City! Sometime between 5 and 6am we were awakened to the familiar sounds of crew teams rowing just outside our aft windows! At MSI Stanford and other high school teams practiced most mornings, and lo and behold, we were now in UCLA waters. πŸ™‚

And some of the fun of being in the LA area – we were entertained with some filming for the TV show Scorpion on a neighboring dock! If you catch an episode where they’re on some docks, one of the guys is wearing a pirate hat, and there’s some kind of torpedo/bomb/big air tank thing on a rolling cart – that’s what we saw getting filmed! We don’t watch the show so can’t say much more. πŸ™‚

Scorpion filming from a distance

Enough for now, we’ll fill you in more when we’ve moved on from here!

7 thoughts on “San Pedro tasks and a few flashbacks”

  1. Wahoo! I was even around for bits and pieces of what you wrote about and I STILL find it very exciting! I’m incredibly proud and happy for each one of you!

  2. So fun to hear all your adventures! Maybe we’ll make it to San Diego before you go. We’re headed down Jan. 7! Glad you got all your to dos out of the way!

  3. “Sunny Catalina is waiting for me . . .”. That sounds so good!
    It will be really nice when Toby can surf without a wet suit. Is Karis keeping a log of birds and other creatures you encounter along the way?
    We love you all. πŸ˜ƒ. 🐳. ⛡️

  4. This is suddenly so real, guys! Love the vivid descriptions and I’m totally hooked on the adventure. Very satisfying to read of all the things crossed off the list. It makes me feel as if I’ve accomplished a LOT, albeit vicariously. Phew. Wow, you’re free of Costco runs and all the fast tempo crazies. Love the slower feeling you convey already. Blessings galore for Christmas and beyond, day by day.
    All love,

  5. Bruce and I are so enjoying hearing about your adventure and your new neighbors. What a gift for all of you. Can’t wait to hear about your life.

    Right now we are in a very cold snap and you are missing it.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    The Ryners

  6. Just wanted you to know I’ve been reading each of your logs. Thank you for being so good about updates! It’s exciting to see you living out your dreams.

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