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Hello! This is Karis, and I am writing from our living room that is very familiar, in stark contrast to everything else around me that is entirely unknown. After the few days in Marina del Rey, we got things ready and left this (Friday) morning at about 9:oo and headed for Cabrillo Way Marina in San Pedro. We had to try to start the engine a few times, but on about the third attempt it roared (honestly, roar is not an exaggeration) back to life with gusto. We made for the sea and settled down into the shallow swell.

An overcast sky and low-ish temps kept me wanting to stay under covers even after we were out of the marina, but let me tell you there is nothing to wake you up like dolphins! I heard Mom making odd, somewhat shrieky noises and astutely guessed that everyone’s favorite marine mammal was headed our way. I ran outside and to the bow, the best place for up close encounters, but had missed them by a few seconds. I waited, forgoing a jacket so not to miss them, and was rewarded. We usually saw them coming towards us, and when they got close, they would turn around for a moment and pace us, riding effortlessly beneath the water right next to the bow. I don’t think you can really say you love dolphins until you’ve seen them this close.

Look, dolphins!

The dolphins stayed off and on with us for a while, and then took off in search of more exiting playfellows. The rest of the way here was largely uneventful; we made good time and got to Cabrillo Way Marina a little before two and docked without incident. Thank you all for checking in with us and until next time, love from the Gilbert family.

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  1. Loved hearing about the dolphins. How special to have them so close. What an awesome Creator we have to make such wonderful creatures for us to see and enjoy. Missing you, keeping you in prayer.
    Hugs and love,

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