NorCal folk in SoCal

Ok, so it’s been about a week since Toby posted our last update. So much happens in a week, right? You can see that for sure if you’ve checked out our tracking these past 7 days. πŸ™‚

So, here’s the (hopefully) quick update on where we are/how we got here/what we’ve been up to.

As Toby mentioned, a week ago we were moored at Port San Luis, enjoying the free water taxi service provided there (thanks, Doug!). We were delighted to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Pabst Wednesday afternoon – they had graciously offered to road trip down and get our truck moved further south to Marina del Rey (thank you, G&G!). They also blessed us with a night in the Hampton Inn – clean hot showers!! The next day we spent doing some shopping and then enjoying a visit to the headquarters of Lifewater International – an amazing organization whose motto is β€œWe won’t stop until every child has safe water.” Check them out – great people doing great things in Jesus’ name!

We departed Port San Luis Friday evening, headed for Santa Barbara. We’re getting good at our paired night watches – John and Toby took the first one this time, getting Karis and I up around 1am for the next shift of 4ish hours. These night passages are a mixed bag – cold and dark (we had a sliver moon for the first hour, then just starlight) yet beautiful, too, but read John’s thoughts on our Lessons Learned page for more on that. πŸ™‚ We had a minor issue with our steering cables along the way, but John and Toby were able to get things workable and we pulled into Santa Barbara by around 2:30pm Saturday. It’s always a little nerve wracking to have something β€œgo wrong,” but we’re thankful that God’s given us the knowledge and skills to handle these bumps in the road.

In Santa Barbara we had the fun of meeting up with Papa Gilbert and Danielle – enjoyed a delicious dinner and breakfast the next morning (thanks, Papa and Danielle!). It’s been so great seeing and connecting with family and friends along this journey – thanks to you all for making it happen – we’re loving it!! We also had fun meeting up with friends of friends at 1stΒ Baptist Church for Sunday worship – and thanks for the ride back to the harbor, Bob! (And thanks, Maureen, for the connection!).

Karis in her favorite spot

Monday morning saw us getting ready and, after fueling up, setting off for Channel Islands Harbor – it was a lovely uneventful day, and we were tied up by 4:00. After asking about good eats close by (thanks, marina gal), we walked down the road from the marina to the tasty pizza place, Toppers. Highly recommend it next time you’re in Ventura County.


The next morning (yesterday) we were off by 7:30 am, on our way to Marina del Rey – another lovely passage, glassy seas, awesome dolphin sightings (John and kids watched them just feet from our bow, swimming and playing until our boat’s slowness bored them and they swam on to more exciting fare), whale sightings, and leftover pizza for lunch. πŸ™‚

So now we’re in Marina del Rey, feeling very much in the thick of Los Angeles. Another joyful family visit – Grandma Nini was waiting at the docks as we pulled up! We found ourselves in Venice right at the pier this afternoon and enjoyed a tasty Italian dinner down the street (the garlic rolls were to die for, thanks, Grandma Nini!).

Sunset behind Venice Pier

Hmmm, I seem to be a bit focused on food. But also focused on thanks to many – first and foremost our God, Who continues to direct our steps each day (always praying for that!), and to our many loved ones whom we appreciate and love so much!!

3 thoughts on “NorCal folk in SoCal”

  1. Love reading about your adventures! You are living your dream😊
    Hugs all around to you, friends.

    Jackie and Paul

  2. We love reading your updates and seeing the pictures. It sounds and looks amazing.
    We think about you all the time. We are praying for you.


    Susie and Dan

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