Monterey to Port San Luis

Hey everyone, this is Toby! Today I am writing a post on our most recent excursion. We have just finished motoring from Monterey Harbor all the way to Port San Luis. It was our longest leg yet, stretching from early Tuesday morning until seven-ish this Wednesday morning. While none of us had been dreading this passage, we all knew that it was going to be long and cold. Fortunately, we had prepared somewhat thoroughly. We had just recently acquired some new cold weather gear, including two cheap sleeping bags that we wouldn’t have to be worried about ruining in bad weather. These proved to be a life saver during the cold, windy night.1129160704a

Originally, we had not been planning on going all the way to Port San Luis, but instead stopping just short of it in Morro Bay. As we made our way down the coast, though, we realized that we were making much better time than we had anticipated. We were still considering stopping at Morro Bay, but we didn’t want to get there too soon and have to moor/dock/anchor in the dark. For this reason we pushed a little farther and went down to Port San Luis instead.1129161319


As Port San Luis doesn’t have any docks, and their moorings aren’t very expensive, we pulled up to a mooring and settled down to clean some things up, and get some much needed sleep. One specific upside to being in Port San Luis is that they have a free “water taxi” that can take you from your boat to shore at a few designated times during each day. This will probably eliminate the need for us to set up our foldable dinghy and row to shore. I don’t know exactly how many days we will be here, but I plan to enjoy it, as this seems like a very nice port, and there is a nice little beach here that I’ve heard you can surf at too! I hope all of you guys back at home are doing well, and I thank you for your prayers.

7 thoughts on “Monterey to Port San Luis”

  1. Brrr! I’m shivering just reading the post and looking at the pictures, but the blue of the ocean looks amazing! Hope you can get some surfing in Toby!

  2. We tracked your progress along the journey – that was a long one!! Glad you are there. Enjoy all the beauty and may you warm up with some good rest and food. Love ya & your posts!

  3. Thanks, Toby, for the update! I loved reading it and am enjoying following you guys! Praying for good rest, warm rays, and some good waves;)
    The Condes

  4. Thanks Toby. We are so enjoying traveling with you. We hope you enjoy some good surfing.
    So happy to hear you have a water taxi in San Luis.
    Stay warm.
    The Ryners

  5. I hope you have a good trip in the ocean. from Tristan!
    We are praying for you guys and we see that you have been out for a while sailing and having fun! I think it’s so cool to see how far you have sailed and seeing where you are now.
    – Adrienne
    I hope you have a good trip. I miss you all. I hope you have plenty of food to eat everyday and every night. Love, Bella

    Gilberts! We are finally all caught up on your travels. We still can’t believe you are not just a 10 minute drive away. We are thinking of you, praying for you, and will continue to “surf” the internet waves to track with you. Love you all! -Dan & Shannon (Leo is out getting donuts now and was unavailable to comment on this post.)

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