Loving Monterey


What an amazingly lovely day! Ok, it was a little chilly at the start – low 50’s are not temperature zone we were hoping for. ๐Ÿ™‚ We were up early to get things ready for our crossing of Monterey Bay, topped off our diesel tank (took about 30 gal) and headed out from Santa Cruz by 9:30. We were hoping to actually do some sailing on our way over to Monterey but the wind was too light and out of the direction we were heading. Yes, we still could have sailed but we probably would
still be out there now if we had. Instead, we motor-sailed (motored but had a couple of sails up to help steady us in the occasional rocking from the swells), and pulled up to a dock at the Monterey Municipal Harbor by 2:30, enjoying the warm sunshine and friendly folk around.

Speaking of friendly, we had left our truck behind in Santa Cruz, hoping to figure out some way to get it to Monterey. We asked at the harbor office as we were checking in, and one of the harbor patrol guys offered a ride himself! John is, as I type this, on his way to retrieve our truck โ€“ giving us a couple of more days with wheels. Thank you, John (the harbor guy), and God for providing the kind fellow for us.


The trip across the bay was beautiful! You know that line in they hymn โ€œHoly, Holy, Holyโ€ about the cherubin casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea? Well, we had a glassy sea today. Between that and the sunny day with thin high clouds and the fuzzy outline of Monterey in the distance, it felt like we were sailing through an impressionist painting….until the whales spouted in front of us! Yes! We had our first whale sightings today! First a few off to the front of our boat spouting, then later a couple off the starboard side (that’s the right hand side of the boat when you’re facing forward) that treated us to their backs arching out of the water and then their tail flukes. We also saw more otters, dolphins, and many sea birds (including our first sighting of a red phalarope for you birders out there).


So now we’re settling into Monterey for a day or two, already enjoyed a short walk to the local Trader Joe’s โ€“ you just gotta love TJ’s! We’ll see when we find a weather window to take us on our next longer leg to the Morro Bay/San Luis Obisbo vicinity.

8 thoughts on “Loving Monterey”

  1. How utterly beautiful, sweet and blessed. You guys deserved a day like this one, including TJ’s! (I bet ice cream on the menu.) Talk to you soon…

  2. loving living vicariously through you all! sounds like you are taking in all of our Creator God’s best stuff…Sail on! oxo

  3. Thank you for your eloquent update. The seas look beautiful and you sound so good.

    Speaking of impressionist paintings, we picked up a jigsaw puzzle when we went to the Legion of Honor on Saturday. It is of the painting, Sailboats on the Seine by Claude Monet. It is a thousand pieces and very tedious. At our age anyway, with my eyesight.

    So happy God is blessing you with good weather and local entertainment from the sea life.

    Thank you God for blessing this family with your love and direction.

    Andrea and Bruce

    1. Wish we could help with your puzzle! ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be fun to see you here, but it’s looking like we’ll head for ports further south Monday morning. Enjoy your time in Carmel!

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