Pillar Point to Santa Cruz!

Hi, this is Karis, and guess what? I’m in Santa Cruz! So, on Friday the 18th at about one in the morning we fired up the engine and headed out from Pillar Point Harbor. We decided to leave at that time because the tide would be with us then and if we waited, there would be a southerly (coming from the South) wind that would make going down-coast much more cold, wavy, and unpleasant altogether. In addition to that, later on in the weekend, there was going to be a small storm coming in and we knew that we could either go now or be forced wait for another few days. We decided that now was the best time and got the last few things ready before catching a couple z’s.

Fortunately, Mom and Dad decided that it wasn’t necessary for me to be awake and helpful that early morning, so I stayed warm in bed all night. Toby and Dad took the first watch and sent Mom back down inside for the rest of the night. During the night, neither the wind or the waves were too high, but it was still very cold. A little before sunrise Toby came in to wake me and Mom up and we took over. It is amazing how fast you wake up in the cold wind and the new sun. During the rest of the way over we saw a sea otter and a pod of dolphins that raced by our boat. The otter was certainly cute, but the dolphins were really gorgeous. They were coming at us head on and you could see a gray streak coming by and then realized it was a dolphin! All I can say is that they were gone too soon.

Approaching Santa Cruz
Approaching Santa Cruz

We got to the Santa Cruz small boat harbor, (yes, even at 45 feet we are still a “small boat”) and docked a few minutes after lunch. It was sunny and warm, but the only catch was that the flies were out in force, the only thing keeping us indoors.

P.S. from kristin: I think I had a setting for leaving comments set incorrectly. In case any of you have wanted to leave any comments and been unable to, hopefully now it should be good to go. And sorry for the delay in posting this post, we’ve enjoyed a delightfully full weekend in Santa Cruz – filled with wonderful visits with family and friends – thanks to all!  🙂  Hopefully heading to Monterey soon, will let you know when we know!

11 thoughts on “Pillar Point to Santa Cruz!”

  1. Hi from the Ryners. So happy you missed the storm on Saturday. You would have been flying over big swells in the rain instead of sailing. We plan on being down in Carmel the week after Thanksgiving. Let us know if you will be there then. So grateful to God you are doing well.
    Warm hugs and love.

    1. Thanks and love to you and yours! Sorry we missed your jewelry sale – sounded like I could have spent some $ and contributed to the cause!

  2. Was a present surprise to run into you. You have certainly grown from Oyster point. Glad you made it down safe it was a bit windy here (Pillar Point). Having done some cold weather sailing it can be a fast wakeup call.
    S/V Redemption

    1. Thanks Ann, it was great seeing you, too! We were sorry to not have seen you and Angie again/more while we were in your neck of the woods. Come and find us if you ever get away from Pillar Point. 🙂

  3. We traveled by land, you by sea to connect in Santa Cruz. Thanks to your posts we knew where to find you 🙂 Glad you are finding the adventure you have prepared for and shining His light as you go. Safe travels as you continue on to Monterey and then to Morro Bay. Watch out, there’s a big rock there.

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