Happy in Half Moon Bay

Friday the 11th saw us motoring away from our mooring in Ayala Cove around 9:15am to head for Half Moon Bay. Approaching the Golden Gate we saw it half in low fog and considered waiting for clearer skies, but as we got closer, visibility was good enough to continue.


It’s a pretty cool experience to slip under that impressive structure. We were delighted to see a number of dolphins joining us as we cleared the bridge and entered the ocean waters.

The rest of the day was spent bouncing through the swells of the sea. This, sadly, led to our first case of mal de mer. I (Kristin) was the winner, being the first to succumb.  🙂   I’d like to think that the Typhoid vaccine pill I took earlier that day was a contributing factor especially since Toby was the only other to experience both the pill that day and the sickness as well. Who knows, but both he and I headed to our bunks for a bit (me a bit longer). John had a spell of unease but with Karis at his side, they manned the helm for the rest of the afternoon, steering us safely to HMB.

The final approach to Pillar Point Harbor was particularly rough with the boat taking the swells broadside at times, rocking us quite a bit. It was clear that I needed to stow a few things in better places in the future, as many things were tossed onto our floor in a chaotic mess. After Toby, Karis and John secured us at anchor, the clean up began. It was a joy to see everyone chipping in to get everything ordered.

Our current plan is to stay here a few more days and then proceed to Santa Cruz. We’ve made a couple trips over to our old home for showers, see friends at MSI, get/give hugs to many at church this morning, and square away the remaining belongings of ours. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of the beautiful sunset that graced us as we entered the harbor Friday night.  🙂


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