What about Bob?!

Baby steps is the plan.  Baby steps to South San Francisco.  Baby steps to Ayala Cove.  Then baby steps to HMB.  While Toby & Karis want to try and do everything at full tilt, we will keep “baby steps” as our motto for now…

We left our first home afloat (Oyster Point Marina) at 0940 since we were no longer going to travel directly to the more distant Pillar Point Harbor. Our engine rumbled eagerly to life – though somewhat pungently since dramatically overfilling the diesel tanks the day before. We motored past Hunter’s Point, McCovey Cove, the Bay Bridge, some Trump protestors,

then Alcatraz, and on to a sheltered cove on the north side of Angel Island. The wind never blew more than 10 knots.  Happily uneventful.

By 1200 we were tied off and enjoyed some yummy Chevy’s leftovers. Homework, hiking, and some chores finished off the genuinely lovely day.

Moored in Ayala Cove

Notes to self: our battery bank did not charge as expected, so we will have to monitor this more closely (alternator regulator programming??).  Our prop shaft leak (this is normal, everyone!) drips a little more frequently than we want.  Will tighten it ever so slightly tomorrow and see how things look by day’s end.

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